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What do you want to do?

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Book Review: Betrayed by Jaye Frances

It has come to our attention that the commercial book industry, particularly BDSM erotica, has become swamped with amateur, self-publishers more concerned with a quick buck than writing something unique and of high quality. It seems that the odds are high that a book will disappoint. Purchasing a book is a commitment. We are all for the commercial industry, but the content really needs to be good!

In light of the current environment, Tanager would like to post reviews of books that she reads.

Do you have a book recommendation? Have you written commercial BDSM / Lesbian erotica? Let us know and we will make Tanager read and review the book.

Betrayed by Jaye Frances

Betrayed is the first book of a trilogy by Jaye Francis. The author markets the book as "a suspense thriller with an erotic edge". And, indeed, that is exactly what she delivers with aplomb. I enjoyed the book from end to end.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Laysan: Keys

Thread 1: Part 17



(here) - recently

It's my birthday. I'm sad though, because Paty has to go off to a conference overseas for two weeks for work. The women from the BC will take care of me, but I'm going to miss her a lot. For some reason, I feel a lot of anxiety about this trip.

The past two months, on the other hand, have been, perhaps, the happiest of my entire life. After I started to talk again and had forgiven Paty and Gardner for flogging me, it seems that there was a shift in my perspective. I must have let go of some sort of resistance regarding my place in the world. I am a lesbian, bondage, love slave, after all, and I began to embrace all aspects of the roll.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Laysan: Scar Tissue

Thread 1: Part 16


Scar Tissue

(here) - recently

I revived quickly when we arrived home and I saw the two gifts waiting for Paty. I was excited to find out what Gardner had made Paty as my present.

Paty and I were waiting for Gardner to come out of the bathroom. Paty sat me in a chair and held up a finger as if to say that I should wait. She left the room briefly and when she returned she had a small electronic device of some kind which she set on a shelf and fiddled with.

I jumped suddenly when I heard a quiet pop. Slowly, Paty's voice amplified centered inside my head.

"Can you hear me, Laysan?" she asked as she spoke in the direction of the device. I smiled. She had a microphone. "Can you hear me?" she asked again.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Laysan: Gathering of the Benedetta Carlini

Thread 1: Part 15

Gathering of the Benedetta Carlini

(here) - recently

For Paty's birthday the BC was throwing a big party for her in the Benedetta Carlini room. Gardner came over to get me ready to go to the party.

"As always, Gardner, you are so beautiful. Oh, Cool!" I exclaimed as she arrived. "Is this my gift to Paty? Two boxes?"

"This one is your gift. You're going to love how it turned out. Uh-uh! No touch!" Gardner playfully smacked at my hand. "This other box contains my gift to her."

"Neat! What is it?" I asked.

"Something for you to wear tonight," Gardner smiled.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Laysan: Rules pt. 2

Thread 1: part 14

Rules pt. 2

(here) - recently

Ever since our mountain trip, Paty had set up a constant stream of people to come and visit me in her mansion. Someone came almost every day and I would help them by doing whatever menial tasks in their field of study that I could. Paty was still working long hours, but I was happy to have the companionship of the various women of the BC.

I wore my forever collar, bracers, and chains almost constantly. I even slept and bathed in them. Other than that I continued to wear nothing else most of the time. So, even though the women of the BC never commanded me to do anything in particular or treated me as a servant or slave, still there was a sense, at least in my own head, that if they had asked me to serve them, I would out of deference to our positions. And, quite frankly, I reveled in the idea of being a slave. Particularly, Paty's slave.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Laysan: Rules pt. 1

Thread 1, Part 13:

Rules pt. 1

(here) - recently

A week and a half later, I was sitting in the utility room leading to the garage waiting for Paty to finish running around the mansion preparing for our long weekend in the mountains. The past few days had been nice with my re-found freedoms. I wasted the time in the most wonderful ways. For example, I'd had several long baths. One day I lazed around on the couch eating popcorn until I became ill. I cranked the stereo and pranced around the halls naked singing at the top of my lungs. I even spent a messy afternoon trying to cook my favorite Asian dish with decidedly mixed results.

Each morning, I woke up later and later. Since I am no longer in need of handlers, Petrel installed a new app on my tablet computer that allows me to lower my cage from above the lights on my own as long as I am in a prescribed time window. Whenever I raise or lower my cage, a message is sent out to a number of people.

Each day, it seems, I found myself lounging around in my cage longer and longer before climbing out. I even started to climb in a raise myself back up before Paty came home in the evening to read and rest. It just felt more comfortable, I guess. Safe.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Laysan: Surveil

Thread 1, Part 12:


(here) - recently

I felt the most awesome sense of contentment when I awoke. Some deliciously heavy blanket was laying on top of me. It felt like something that would get draped across you when you are getting x-rays in the hospital, but softer and more flexible. I was so warm and relaxed. I didn't want to open my eyes. I scrunched up into a ball, flexing the sleep from my muscles, then I began to stretch my arms up and point my toes.

A tremendous yawn erupted from within me, but it was arrested suddenly when I realized how awesome a yawn it was. I had not been able to really yawn for a month. Sure. I yawned, but they were always sad stunted yawns with air whistling through the air spaces in my gag. They were hardly satisfying.

My gag was gone!